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As a commercial and industrial cleaning service, we take great pride in keeping our clients looking neat. We offer complete commercial building washes, including window cleaning, pressure washing, waterblasting, and exterior building cleaning jobs. 


So, whether it’s your home and castle, or a series of individual buildings and units, get in contact with South Island Asset Management, one of the most trusted wash down companies NZ- wide. wide. Industrial and commercial wash downs: When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and aesthetic appeal of industrial and commercial buildings, businesses can’t afford to overlook the crucial role of professional washdown services. These services, including industrial water blasting services and commercial washdowns, are fundamental to maintaining the condition and longevity of properties, equipment, and facilities.
Industrial Water Blasting Services form a vital part of the industrial and commercial cleaning sector. These services use high-pressure water jets to remove stubborn dirt, grime, stains, and even graffiti from a variety of surfaces. This highly effective cleaning method not only restores the surfaces to their original condition, but also helps prevent potential damage that can result from accumulated dirt and debris.
The high-pressure water blasting is particularly efficient for removing oil, grease, and chemical contaminants, thus preventing corrosion and degradation of equipment and infrastructure. Industrial water blasting services are essential for many sectors, including manufacturing, construction, mining, and marine industries. They ensure that machinery and equipment are kept clean, functional, and safe for employees and the environment. Besides the practical benefits, clean and well-maintained equipment also portrays a professional image, which can significantly contribute to a company’s reputation.
Another service is Pressure Washing Christchurch. Businesses operating in the city require regular professional cleaning services to maintain their premises. Pressure washing is a powerful method for cleaning exterior surfaces such as walls, walkways, parking lots, and loading docks. Pressure Washing Christchurch significantly enhances the appearance of commercial and industrial buildings, increasing their curb appeal and potential business appeal.
Commercial Wash Downs are becoming increasingly popular as businesses recognize the importance of presenting a clean and professional appearance. Commercial washdowns are a crucial aspect of maintaining commercial premises across the country. These services often involve a combination of pressure washing and soft washing techniques, depending on the specific needs of the building. Commercial washdowns can cover a variety of exterior surfaces including walls, roofs, gutters, windows, fences, and outdoor furniture. Regular commercial washdowns not only improve the physical appearance of a building, but also help prevent damage caused by buildup of harmful substances like mold, algae, and pollutants.
Another service of growing interest is the Commercial Exterior Building Wash. Given the environmental factors affecting New Zealand, including high rainfall and exposure to sea air, commercial exterior building wash services have become indispensable. Regular exterior cleaning can protect buildings from potential corrosive damage and prolong the lifespan of paintwork and other external features. Routine commercial exterior building washes can prevent the costly maintenance and repairs that could result from neglecting these necessary cleaning processes.
Industrial and Commercial Washdown Services, such as Industrial Water Blasting Services, Pressure Washing Christchurch, Commercial Wash Downs NZ, and Commercial Exterior Building Wash, offer tremendous benefits to businesses. They ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of industrial and commercial buildings, helping companies maintain a professional image, reduce maintenance costs, and secure the safety and wellbeing of their employees and clients.

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